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Mind * Body Spirit

KOAN is a paradoxical anecdote or riddle to provoke enlightenment.


Nutritional Psychiatry


Pranic Healing/Reiki

Sound Bath

Medical Astrology/Vastu


Individual $75.00

Prepay $200/4 sessions

Family - $80

Couples - $120

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Colombia - Women Only 

Ayahuasca/Magic Mushroom

Egypt- Sacred Geometry and Tantra

About Our Organization

Mission Statement

Our mission is to elevate consciousness and change the future of human health through nutritional psychiatry, ayurveda, psychedelic support services, education, and research. We are dedicated to providing affordable healthcare access for the benefit of the next 7 generations.


Vision Statement
Every person, on every continent, has the opportunity to reach maximum health potential.

Misty Morning


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